Перевод amplifier with shell

Перевод amplifier with shell

power amplifier — noun : an amplifier that can produce relatively large power output usually greater than one watt * * * Elect. an amplifier for increasing the power of a signal. [1915 20] * * * power amplifier, an amplifier which has a relatively high output of… … Useful english dictionary

power amplifier — galios stiprintuvas statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. power amplifier vok. Leistungsverstärker, m rus. усилитель мощности, m pranc. amplificateur de puissance, m … Automatikos terminų žodynas

power amplifier — galios stiprintuvas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. power amplifier vok. Leistungsverstärker, m rus. усилитель мощности, m pranc. amplificateur de puissance, m … Fizikos terminų žodynas

power-amplifier — powˈer amplifier or (informal) powˈer amp noun (electronics) The stage or element in an amplifer that regulates power output (also power unit) • • • Main Entry: ↑power … Useful english dictionary

power amplifier — Elect. an amplifier for increasing the power of a signal. [1915 20] * * * … Universalium

power amplifier — A unit in a transmitter that receives signals from a modulator and amplifies their power (in stages, if necessary) to a transmission level … Aviation dictionary

RF power amplifier — An RF power amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier used to convert a low power radio frequency signal into a larger signal of significant power, typically for driving the antenna of a transmitter. It is usually optimized to have high… … Wikipedia

High Power Amplifier — Als High Power Amplifier (HPA) wird in der Satellitenkommunikation der Sendeverstärker bezeichnet. Vor der Zuführung des Sendesignals zum HPA muss es zunächst in den für die Übertragung vorgesehenen Frequenzbereich konvertiert werden (z. B.… … Deutsch Wikipedia

Intermediate power amplifier — An Intermediate power amplifier (IPA) is one stage of the amplification process in a radio transmitter which usually occurs prior to the final high power amplification. The IPA provides lower power RF energy necessary to drive the final. In very… … Wikipedia

high-frequency power amplifier — aukštadažnis galios stiprintuvas statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. high frequency power amplifier vok. Hochfrequenzleistungstufe, f rus. усилитель мощности высокой частоты, m pranc. amplificateur de pulsante à haute fréquence, m … Automatikos terminų žodynas

high-fidelity power amplifier — kokybiškasis galios stiprintuvas statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. high fidelity power amplifier vok. Hi Fi Leistungsendstufe, n rus. высококачественный усилитель мощности, m pranc. amplificateur de puissance à haute fidélité… … Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas


Shell — перевод, произношение, транскрипция

существительное ↓

глагол ↓

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Never buy eggs with cracked shells.

Никогда не покупайте яйца с треснувшей скорлупой. ☰

They cracked the nuts and removed their shells.

Они кололи орехи и очищали их от скорлупы. ☰

Her normally shy son has come out of his shell.

Её обычно замкнутый сын вышел из своей скорлупы. ☰

A dim mist shelled the god.

Лёгкий туман окружал божество. ☰

The enemy has been shelling us all day

Противник весь день нас обстреливает. ☰

The town was shelled during the battle.

Во время боя город подвергся обстрелу. ☰

Josie was shelling peas in the kitchen.

Джози лущила горох на кухне. ☰

The children were collecting shells on the beach.

Дети собирали ракушки на берегу моря. ☰

We collected shells at the beach.

Мы собирали ракушки на пляже. ☰

They shelled the enemy troops.

Они обстреляли вражеские войска. ☰

The shell exposed to heat crisps.

Если раковину оставить на солнце, она станет волнистой. ☰

The corn shelled.

He was a shell of the man he had been previously.

Он лишь по виду был таким, как прежде. ☰

Black walnut kernels are difficult to get out of the shell.

Чёрные ядра грецких орехов трудно добыть из скорлупы. ☰

gullible tourists taken in by the shell game

доверчивые туристы, которых вовлекают в игру в напёрстки ☰

An arch is a curved shell of firm materials.

Арка представляет собой изогнутое полукруглое сооружение из твёрдых материалов. ☰

We ran for cover as shells dropped all around us.

Мы побежали в укрытие среди рвущихся вокруг нас снарядов. ☰

The army has been shelling the town since yesterday.

Войска обстреливают город со вчерашнего дня. ☰

Our artillery was lobbing shells into enemy positions.

Наша артиллерия обстреливала позиции врага. ☰

I had hoped that university would bring him out of his shell.

Я надеялся на то, что учеба в университете поможет ему справиться с застенчивостью. ☰

shell out pocket money for the children

раскошелиться на карманные деньги для детей ☰

A couple sculled past in a racing shell.

Мимо прошли на вёслах двое в гоночной лодке. ☰

The shell of a sessile barnacle is attached directly to a substrate.

Раковина сидячего усоногого крепится непосредственно к основанию. ☰

I think I’ll buy fruit this year to shell out when the children come round.

Думаю, я на этот раз запасусь фруктами, чтобы раздавать детям на Хэллоуин. ☰

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A casing for a shotgun shell

We’re going to have stuffed shells for dinner.

. a crab molts its shell as it grows larger.

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Перевод amplifier with shell

Shell — Shell, n. [OE. shelle, schelle, AS. scell, scyll; akin to D. shel, Icel. skel, Goth. skalja a tile, and E. skill. Cf. of fishes, , .] 1. A hard outside covering, as of a fruit or an animal. Specifically: (a) The covering, or … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

Shell — may refer to * Animal shell, or exoskeleton, including those of molluscs, turtles, insects and crustaceans * Seashell, the shells of various marine animals, especially marine mollusks * Eggshell, the outer covering of a hard shelled eggAny more… … Wikipedia

shell — less, adj. shell like, adj. /shel/, n. 1. a hard outer covering of an animal, as the hard case of a mollusk, or either half of the case of a bivalve mollusk. 2. any of various objects resembling such a covering, as in shape or in being more or… … Universalium

shell — [ʆel] verb shell out something phrasal verb [intransitive, transitive] informal to spend a lot of money on something, often when you do not really want to; =FORK OUT: shell out something for/​on • The insurance company refused to shell out for… … Financial and business terms

shell — [shel] n. [ME schelle < OE sciel, akin to MDu schelle < IE base * (s)kel : see SHELF] 1. a hard outer covering, as of a turtle, mollusk, insect, egg, fruit, seed, etc. 2. something like or suggestive of a shell in being hollow, empty, or… … English World dictionary

shell — ► NOUN 1) the hard protective outer case of an animal such as a snail, shellfish, or turtle. 2) the outer covering of an egg, nut kernel, or seed. 3) an explosive artillery projectile or bomb. 4) a hollow metal or paper case used as a container… … English terms dictionary

Shell — Shell, v. t. [imp. & p. p. ; p. pr. & vb. n. .] 1. To strip or break off the shell of; to take out of the shell, pod, etc.; as, to shell nuts or pease; to shell oysters. [1913 Webster] 2. To separate the kernels of (an ear of… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

Shell — Shell, v. i. 1. To fall off, as a shell, crust, etc. [1913 Webster] 2. To cast the shell, or exterior covering; to fall out of the pod or husk; as, nuts shell in falling. [1913 Webster] 3. To be disengaged from the ear or husk; as, wheat or rye… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

shell|y — «SHEHL ee», adjective, shell|i|er, shell|i|est. 1. abounding in shells. 2. consisting of a shell or shells. 3. shell like … Useful english dictionary

Shell — У этого термина существуют и другие значения, см. Шелл. Shell: Shell интерпретатор команд операционной системы. Royal Dutch Shell британско нидерландская компания … Википедия

Shell — [ʃɛl] die; , s <aus gleichbed. engl. shell, eigtl. »Schale, Hülle«>: 1. Benutzeroberfläche eines Betriebssystems (von Computern; EDV). 2. ↑Expertensystem, das noch nicht od. nicht mehr mit Fakten od. Regeln eines bestimmten Gebiets gefüllt… … Das große Fremdwörterbuch


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