Перевод are you going to play football with us


Упражнение на употребление to be going to с ответами

Предлагаем вашему внимание подборку упражнений для тренировки оборота to be going to do something. Напомним, что конструкция to be going to относится к будущему времени. Если вы забыли, в каких случаях употребляется этот оборот или как его образовать, повторите правило. После каждого раздела упражнений вы можете скачать to be going to worksheets и ответы к ним.

to be going to Exercises

4 класс

1. Вставьте формы to be going to.

There is a disco at a youth club this afternoon. Let’s see what everyone is going to do.

  1. I am going to bring some cassettes.
  2. He ___________________ blow some balloons.
  3. You ___________________ dance some rap.
  4. They ___________________ watch some cartoons.
  5. We ___________________ eat some ice-cream.
  6. He ___________________ show us some tricks.
  7. She ___________________ bring some popcorn.

Is there anything you’re going to fix?

2. Посмотрите на планы Полли и Джека на следующую неделю. Закончите предложения, используя to be going to.








  1. On Tuesday, Polly’s going to cook dinner.
  2. On Wednesday, Jack _________________________________.
  3. On Monday, Jack _________________________________.
  4. On Friday, Polly _________________________________.
  5. On Thursday, Jack _________________________________.
  6. On Thursday, Polly _________________________________.

3. Напишите предложения о планах отдыха на природе на этих выходных. Используйте to be going to.

  1. we / make a fire – We’re going to make a fire.
  2. Dad / look for wood — _____________________________________________.
  3. Dad and Charlie / put up the tent — _____________________________________________.
  4. Mum and Molly / make the beds — _____________________________________________.
  5. Mum / cook dinner — _____________________________________________.
  6. Harry / play with his toys — _____________________________________________.
  7. it / be hot — _____________________________________________.
  8. we / have fun — _____________________________________________.
  9. I / sleep in a tent — _____________________________________________.
  10. Charlie / read lots of books — _____________________________________________.

4. Напишите вопросы, используя to be going to и дайте краткие ответы.

  1. Jason / go to the cinema / yes – Is Jason going to the cinema? – Yes, he is.
  2. Julia and Mum / play tennis / yes — _________________________________________________________.
  3. Karl and Beth / go shopping / no — _________________________________________________________.
  4. we / go swimming / yes — _________________________________________________________.
  5. Olly / go shopping — _________________________________________________________.

5. Подчеркните правильное слово.

  1. They ’re / ’m / ’s going to visit their grandpa.
  2. She ’s / ’re / ’m going to make a cake.
  3. We isn’t / aren’t / ’m not going to buy lots of clothes.
  4. I ’m not / aren’t / isn’t going to get a new camera.
  5. Dad aren’t / ’m not / isn’t going to take his mobile phone.
  6. Are / Am / Is you going to pack your case tonight?

6. Посмотрите на таблицу планов на выходные семьи Кларка. Напишите вопросы, используя to be going to и дайте краткие ответы.

play computer games

stay with a friend

  1. Kelly / play computer games – Is Kelly going to play computer games? – No, she isn’t.
  2. Helen / stay with a friend — _______________________________________________________
  3. Mum and Dad / watch a DVD — _______________________________________________________
  4. Gary / visit the museum — _______________________________________________________
  5. Robert / buy new shoes — _______________________________________________________
  6. Helen and Dad / play computer games — _______________________________________________________

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Скачать to be going to Exercises 4 класс. Ответы: to-be-going-to-Exercises-4-klass-Otvety.pdf [420.42 Kb] (cкачиваний: 1041)

5 класс / 6 класс

1. Подчеркните верное предложение.

1. Oh no! He’s going to fall.

Oh no! He going to fall.

2. Look. It’s going jump.

Look. It’s going to jump.

3. It going be very cold tomorrow.

It’s going to be very cold tomorrow.

4. Listen. She’s going to sing.

Listen. She’s going singing.

5. He’s going to take his book to the library.

He’s going take his book to the library.

6. Wait! I’m going come with you!

Wait! I’m going to come with you!

2. Обведите правильный ответ.

  1. I’m go to / going to look at the monkey house.
  2. Are you going to / going visit the aquarium?
  3. We aren’t going to meeting up / meet up at the lion enclosure.
  4. Are / ‘Re you going to work on your snake project today?
  5. She not going / isn’t going to look at the aviary.
  6. Are they going to take / going to taking photographs in the reptile house?
  7. I’m going to / I go to help the elephant keeper later.
  8. Are you going to eat / going to eating lunch in the picnic area? – No, I not / I’m not.

3. Закончите предложения, используя be going to и слова в скобочках.

  1. Are you going to watch (you watch) the DVD with me later?
  2. Alison and Leo ______________________________ (eat) with us tonight.
  3. I ______________________________ (not eat) any chips next week.
  4. We ______________________________ (help) Mum in the house tonight.
  5. ______________________________ (they make) a doll’s house later?
  6. I ______________________________ (not take) an umbrella to the park.
  7. ______________________________ (you speak) to the teacher later?
  8. We ______________________________ (not play) computer games tonight.

4. Перепишите предложения, используя be going to.

  1. I’ve decided to play football tonight. – I’m going to play football tonight.
  2. We plan to clean the house later. — ______________________________________________________
  3. Lewis and Ethan have decided to watch a film at the weekend. — ________________________________________________
  4. They plan to make a cake for Dad’s birthday. — ______________________________________________________
  5. Fred plans not to have a burger for lunch. — ______________________________________________________
  6. We plan not to drop litter in the park. — ______________________________________________________
  7. Cara and Harriet have decided not to visit the museum on Saturday. — ______________________________________________________

5. Напишите вопросы, используя be going to, и дайте краткий ответ.

  1. Oscar / surf / yes – Is Oscar going to surf the Internet this evening? – Yes, he is.
  2. Linda / be / no — ________________________________ a doctor when she grows up? — ____________
  3. Andrea and Marion / play / yes — ________________________________ on the beach this summer? — ____________
  4. Fin / learn / no- ________________________________ Russian? — ____________
  5. Seb / buy / yes — ________________________________ some new trousers? — ____________
  6. Judy / see / yes — ________________________________ a play tonight? — ____________

6. Напишите вопросы с be going to.

  1. What / Mum / do / on Monday – What’s Mum going to do on Monday?
  2. What / the family / do / on Tuesday — ________________________________________________
  3. How / Dad / travel to Newcastle / on Wednesday — ________________________________________________
  4. What kind of food / Mum and Dad / eat / on Thursday — ________________________________________________
  5. Where / Ryan / go / on Friday — ________________________________________________
  6. Who / Julia / visit / on Friday — ________________________________________________

7. Посмотрите на таблицу и напишите полные ответы на вопросы из упражнения №6

  1. Mum’s going to buy clothes for Ryan and Julia.
  2. ____________________________________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________________________________
  6. ____________________________________________________________________


Упражнения «Конструкция to be going to для выражения будущности» (с ответами)

1. Павел мечтает о будущем. Напишите о его планах, используя конструкцию to be going to.

Н-р: I … (study) astronomy at university. – I’ m going to study astronomy at university. (Я собираюсь изучать астрономию в университете.)

  1. I … (move) to London.
  2. I … (fly) to the Moon.
  3. I … (marry) at 25.
  4. We … (have) three kids.
  5. My wife … (become) a famous actress.
  6. My wife and children … (travel) all over the world.
  7. We … (eat) in restaurants every day.
  8. I … (open) a flying school in England.

2. Напишите отрицательные предложения, используя конструкцию to be going to .

  1. We – not – catch – that train.
  2. He – not – buy – a new sofa.
  3. They – not – watch – a football match tonight.
  4. I – not – tell – your secret to anyone.
  5. Anna – not – stay – at home.

3. Карла собирается провести отпуск у моря. Задайте ей вопросы с конструкцией t o be going to . Используйте данные словосочетания.

speak Spanish there, play beach volleyball, stay in a good hotel, eat lobsters, go windsurfing

4. Задайте вопросы к предложениям, начиная со слов в скобках.

  1. I am going to phone him tomorrow. (When …?)
  2. That tower is going to collapse soon. (Why …?)
  3. My friends are going to arrive today. (How many friends …?)
  4. We are going to pay for her. (How much …?)
  5. Mum is going to see her dentist on Monday. (When…?)
  6. I am going to wear a white dress tonight. (Why…?)


  1. I am going to move to London. (Я собираюсь переехать в Лондон.)
  2. I’ m going to fly to the Moon. (Я собираюсь полететь на Луну.)
  3. I am going to marry at 25. (Я собираюсь жениться в 25 лет.)
  4. We are going to have three kids. (У нас будет трое детей.)
  5. My wife is going to become a famous actress. (Моя жена станет актрисой.)
  6. My wife and children are going to travel all over the world. (Моя жена и дети будут путешествовать по всему миру.)
  7. We’ re going to eat in restaurants every day. (Мы будем ходить в рестораны каждый день.)
  8. I am going to open a flying school in England. (Я собираюсь открыть летную школу в Англии.)
  1. We aren’t going to catch that train. (Мы не успеем на тот поезд.)
  2. He isn’t going to buy a new sofa. (Он не собирается покупать новый диван.)
  3. They’re not going to watch a football match tonight. (Они не будут смотреть футбольный матч сегодня вечером.)
  4. I’m not going to tell your secret to anyone. (Я не собираюсь рассказывать твой секрет кому-либо.)
  5. Anna isn’t going to stay at home. (Анна не собирается оставаться дома.)
  1. Are you going to speak Spanish there? (Ты будешь там разговаривать на испанском?)
  2. Are you going to play beach volleyball? (Ты собираешься играть в пляжный волейбол?)
  3. Are you going to stay in a good hotel? (Ты остановишься в хорошем отеле?)
  4. Are you going to eat lobsters? (Ты собираешься есть лобстеров?)
  5. Are you going windsurfing? (Ты будешь заниматься виндсерфингом?)
  1. When are you going to phone him? (Когда ты собираешься позвонить ему?)
  2. Why is that tower going to collapse? (Почему та башня собирается рухнуть?)
  3. How many friends are going to arrive today? (Сколько друзей приедет сегодня?)
  4. How much are you going to pay? (Сколько вы собираетесь заплатить?)
  5. When is she going to see her dentist? (Когда она собирается увидеться с дантистом?)
  6. Why are you going to wear a white dress tonight? (Почему ты собираешься надеть белое платье сегодня вечером?)


Настоящее время (I am doing / I do) для выражения будущего

Это ежедневник Бена на следующую неделю.

He is playing tennis on Monday afternoon.
He is going to the dentist on Tuesday morning.
He is having dinner with Kate on Friday.

Во всех этих примерах, Бен уже решил и запланировал всё это делать.

I’m doing something (tomorrow) = Я уже решил и запланировал дело (на завтра):

  • A: What are you doing on Saturday evening? (notWhat do you do)
    B: I’m going to the theatre. (notI go)
  • A: What time is Cathy arriving tomorrow?
    B: Half past ten. I’m meeting her at the station.
  • I’m not working tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
  • Ian isn’t playing football next Saturday. He’s hurt his leg.

‘I’m going to (do)’ также возможно в этих предложениях:

  • What are you going to do on Saturday evening?

Но present continuous наиболее естественно для запланированных событий. См. также урок 20B.

Не используйте will говоря о запланированных событиях:

  • What are you doing this evening? (notWhat will you do)
  • Alex is getting married next month. (notwill get)

Вы также можете использовать present continuous для действия перед тем, как начнете его делать. Особенно это касается глаголов движения (go/come/leave и др.):

  • I’m tired. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight. (notI go to bed now)
  • ‘Tina, are you ready yet?’ ‘Yes, I’m coming.’ (notI come)

Мы используем present simple, когда говорим о расписаниях, программах и др. (для транспорта, кинотеатров и др.):

  • My train leaves at 11.30, so I need to be at the station by 11.15.
  • What time does the film begin this evening?
  • It’s Wednesday tomorrow. / Tomorrow is Wednesday.

Вы можете использовать present simple, говоря о людях, если их планы фиксированы, как расписание:

  • I start my new job on Monday.
  • What time do you finish work tomorrow?

Но continuous более естественен для личных планов:

  • What time are you meeting Ann tomorrow? (notdo you meet)
  • What time are you arriving?
  • I’m going to the cinema this evening.
  • What time does the train arrive?
  • The film begins at 8.15 (this evening).


1. Ваша подруга планирует скоро пойти в отпуск. Спросите о её планах. Используйте слова в скобках.


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